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Movement Therapies

Individual Yoga, Breath & Somatic Sessions 

Since you are unique in your life, the injuries, and the challenges you have faced, a one-on-one session allows time to focus on your specific needs.

  • Addressing Chronic Pain

  • Techniques for Nervous System Regulation

  • Breath & Postural Habits

  • Reducing Anxiety

  • Re-Working Yoga Asana


Whether your goal is to become strong, flexible, or reduce pain, individual attention is the fastest way to achieve your goals. I specialize in helping you uncover body blind spots that cause pain, address postural issues, and enhance awareness. In addition, I work with all types of chronic issues and injuries.


My background in massage therapy, yoga, movement for trauma, somatic modalities, and self-myofascial release techniques allows me to tailor your session to help you.

737 W 5th Ave #207, in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. 


 1hr Private Session


Single sessions are helpful when to learn yogic breathing techniques, working when a specific injury, assisting with modifications or creating a home practice.


  Sessions are 1 hr and are available by appointment.

Session expires 3 months from purchase date.

Gift certificates available.


3 Session Package


3 Sessions provide a platform for progression. Students can choose a weekly session, monthly or on as needed basis.


Family & friends can also share packages. Sessions are 1 hr and available by appointment.

Packages expire 3 months from purchase date.

Gift certificates available.


I highly recommended Kim, for any ailments of the body be it physical, mental or emotional. Her skill, expertise and diverse tool box of modalities is extraordinary. Not only will she guide you in unraveling years if not decades of discomfort she makes the process fun, creative and insightful. I’ve been working with her for over 13 years for things such as back pain, scoliosis and anxiety/depression and every class, private session and workshop I learn something new, discover new layers of self repair and continue feeling better and better. I cannot stress enough how much I highly recommend her services.

Lindsey M., 3 - 1hr Private Yoga Package

Kim is intuitive, talented and extremely knowledgeable. She knows how movement and the body fit together to maximize healing and strength. I have definitely seen many positive changes in my flexibility, range of motion, and posture since working with her.

Anna B., 3 - 1hr Private Yoga Package

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