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Integrative Bodywork 

I’m an experienced massage therapist specializing in various bodywork modalities that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments.


My unique skill set as both a movement educator and an advanced bodywork therapist provides clients with an ally in their health and wellness journey. Clients find sessions to be empowering, energizing, and profoundly calming and clearing.


If you're working with an injury that has you stumped or your current resources aren't working, book a 90-minute session and allow me to assist in meeting your health and wellness goals.

Most sessions require a referral from a provider, current client, family member, or friend.  

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • The Roll Model Method

  • Structural Integration

  • Movement Education

  • Deep Tissue

  • Scar Mobilization

  • Cupping

1hr & 1.5hr sessions available 

3 Session Packages are available for those looking for commitment and consistency. 


Packages can be shared and do expire aft 90 days.

Walking into the room was immediately healing for me, and then I got on the table and experienced true transformation. Kim's depth of knowledge in anatomy and body awareness is remarkable. And her touch is simply astounding. I felt like a different person when I left there - physically, mentally, emotionally. I can't wait to return.

Jennifer G., 90 Min Massage 

Kimberly is uniquely gifted in her craft, I respect her greatly and trust her to keep me well!

Teresa K., 90 Min Massage 

Kim's certainty creates a feeling of confidence. She absolutely knows how to help others no matter their physical condition! She is a great listener and has genuine compassion and kindness.

Anonymous, 3 - 1hr Session 1hr Massage Package

Kimberly is simply the best! I began massage as a recommendation from a physical therapist for a minor injury and I’ve been going back every two weeks since then. Not only do I feel incredible, but I’ve maintained better flexibility. Possibly the best quality-of-life decision I’ve ever made for myself. I offer my highest recommendation. Thank you!

Mark T., 3 - 90min Massage Therapy Package

Always excellent. Kim is highly knowledgeable, deeply intuitive, and gives me useful suggestions for continued improvement on my own.

Charmine M., 90 Min Massage 

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