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Somatic Mind Body Coaching

What is Somatic Coaching? 


Somatic Coaching is a modality that partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires embodied transformation to help you realize your goals and align with your values. The process of coaching often unlocks pathways to listening to intuition and allying with yourself through curiosity, compassion, and calm to tap previously untapped resources of imagination, productivity, and leadership. 


What is mind/body (somatic) coaching? 

It is a holistic and organic process in which you can discover a path of somatic, energetic, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment. 


The focus of these sessions is to provide you with guidance and support in accessing the inherent somatic intelligence of your being. With the intention and accountability to take sustainable and consistent action towards what you most care about - “life moving toward life.” 

This body based approach can provide invaluable tools for nervous system regulation, discovering how to resource yourself during times of stress and help you to stay centered in your authentic self.

Somatic Discovery Session

Discover what's inside the field of Somatic Mind-Body Coaching. This session sets the parameters of our work together and helps us determine if we're a good match. Somatic Mind-Body Coaching is a client-centered process where the goal of each session is to empower the client to develop and achieve self-determined goals using somatic concepts and strategies to support client transformation and growth.


Discovery sessions are 75 minutes long and are required before purchasing packages or setting up single coaching sessions.


Somatic Mind-Body Coaching 5 Session Series

This package is the next step after your Discovery Session. During these sessions, we get to work to help you move through an embodied transformation that honors your goals. Scheduling these sessions to meet weekly or bi-monthly to help take actionable steps in a timeline that is both integrative and sustainable for you.


Somatic Mind-Body Coaching Single Sessions

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What is "Somatics"?

The name originates from the Greek word “soma,” meaning “of the body.” Somatic coaching helps you integrate the mind and body to facilitate growth and development. 



How is coaching different than therapy? 

Coaching is distinct from therapy, in that while discussions in a coaching session may address certain obstacles that the coach may suspect are keeping a participant from achieving his or her goals, under no circumstances will the coach provide therapy, nor will the coach render any medical or psychological advice or engage in any activity or practice that may require specialized training and/or licensing.



What is the goal of coaching? 

The goal of the coach is to help the client direct his or her present-day life and create strategic plans for his or her life moving forward, rather than diving into past events.



Why do I need to do a discovery session first?

This initial session reviews your intake form and determines whether somatic mind-body coaching and the coach are a good match before moving forward with the committed 5-pack series. If it's determined that the coach isn't a good match or that coaching is out of scope for what the client needs, the coach will refer the client to better resources in the community.

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