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200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Evolve Yoga With Kimberly Greeff

Sustainable,Integrated & Embodied
Kimberly Greeff Yoga


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Are you curious about moving beyond the traditional postures and developing a skill set based in the universal language of anatomy, versed in biomechanics and interested in receiving a solid foundation in connection and self-care?

Becoming a yoga teacher requires a solid education in teaching movement, we're movement educators fostering an experience, encouraging presences and developing awareness. In this teacher training participants will learn how to guide people into their bodies through movement, learning to stay present for the language of their inner landscape or as we more commonly know it a sensation. This unique style is steeped in creating a sustainable practice that honors all the systems of the body - mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. This starts with the teacher becoming a student of their own body; first, a student of their students bodies second and finally a teacher with students where it becomes our duty to continue to evolve and grow. 


As we practice our process, we give others permission to do the same.

In this teacher training, you'll be:


  • Challenged to look inward and bring forth an integrated and

       an embodied presence that fosters connection where you and your

       students will feel seen, heard, and valued.


  • Graduating with a tool kit to continue to evolve and grow, taking the

       practice and bringing it to life for themselves and others in a personal 

       and profoundly enriching way.  


  • Taught to go beyond formulaic instruction and teaches teachers to

       learn, practice and teach creatively with the current models of

       movement science. 


  • Provided with context-based teaching strategies for teaching in a plethora of settings, participants will graduate with the skillset to make yoga accessible to populations that typically wouldn’t have access to the therapeutic practice of yoga.


Participants will emerge with skills to craft classes that encourage connection, cultivate embodied awareness, and integrate movements that will benefit students to live better and more fully in their lives.


Also, you'll learn unconventional asana that will: 


  • Create flexibility through strength


  • Increase range of motion in joints 


  • Take care of your nervous system through supportive, restorative

       yoga & meditation


  • Discover and be trained in the exquisite modality of self-massage

       using therapy balls through the Roll Model Method


  • You'll understand prerequisites of more complex movements often

       overlooked in a traditional yoga practice.


  • Be able to regress postures to build skill and progress postures to promote play and challenge.


Participants will also receive guidance in both personal and professional endeavors by creating 10 classes of their own, a teacher bio, and become versed in the ethical application of being an independent contractor and sound business practices. 


This program follows the guidelines established by The Yoga Alliance for yoga teacher training programs.


This course goes above and beyond the standards when it comes to Yoga Alliance in the areas of: 


  • Professional and ethical standards of student-teacher

       relationships, boundaries, and integrity as a teaching profession.


  • Scope of practice and how referring students out to appropriate

       professions builds the community and reputation of yoga up. 


  • Anatomy & Biomechanics from the perspective of teaching

       movement and honoring the individuals and the different bodies

       that arrive on the mat.


  • Integrated and embodied presence in the seat of the teacher without fostering guru mentality or encouraging pedestaling.


  • An honest conversation of the history of yoga, yoga as an 8 limbed path and how to create a living tradition of yoga in a grounded and embodied way.

This teacher training is for you if:

Are you curious about moving beyond the traditional postures and developing a skill set based in the universal language of anatomy, versed in biomechanics and interested in receiving a solid foundation in connection and self-care?


Want to continue to evolve and grow, taking the practice of yoga and

bringing it to life in your own unique way and sharing that with others in

a profoundly enriching way.  


Are ready to be challenged to grow just outside your comfort zone by

looking inward and bring forth an integrated and embodied presence that

fosters connection. 

Want to ask the hard questions and develop critical thinking skills to think

outside the box-asana.

Ready to foster a relationship with yoga that is personal and meaningful by becoming a student of your own body first.


Would like to be guided towards being sensitive, skillful, ethical, and a well-rounded student of your students.


Looking forward to graduating and integrate your insights, knowledge, and technical skills into the application of teaching private sessions, group classes, and leading workshops.


This one may not be for you if you are looking for:


  • A traditional yoga teacher training


  • Vinyasa flow


  • Yin yoga


  • Hot yoga


  • An immersion to deepen your own practice with no interest in



  • Learn sanskrit, ayurveda, chakra, or chanting. 


  • A retreat from your life.


I genuinely believe that there are trainings and teachers for everyone. There are many talented teachers in the Anchorage area and beyond who are well versed in the above interests and if that is your jam - seek them out and please, start learning!



Don't take my word for it!

Here's what graduates of the last teacher training shared...

Yoga Plank Prep
Warrior 2 Assist Evolve Yoga
Yoga Tune Up Asymetrical Forward Fold
Kimberly Greeff Yoga "It Depends"
Yoga Tune Up Coregous Ball

One of the most luxurious gifts I got from my teacher training with Kim was confidence— and not a shallow, condescending sense of confidence, but a deep assurance that I have a gift to share and the ability to weather the process of finding those who are ready to receive it!

Another gift I particularly appreciated was Kim’s teachings on the art of connection. Turns out, you can be kind AND maintain strong boundaries!

Finally, perhaps what is most important about taking your training with Kim, is her gift of blending traditional and scientific teachings. In this regard, on the topic of the human body, especially in the discipline of yoga, I think Kim is downright brilliant. And in general, her ability to weave different sources of knowledge into a cohesive practice is inspiring."

-Clair Lubke

Last year, I took Kim’s teacher training course to see if I could learn some of her secrets!  


Yes, she taught me the basics of a good yoga class:  some anatomy, some biomechanics, the poses and modifications for our anatomy, and how to sequence a practice.  But most important she helped me look inward and find my own “voice” in structuring my practice, my classes.  


At the end of our training when we each taught our own class, I was amazed at the variety of classes and how our voices and personalities came through.  


Today I look forward to designing my own home practice—I use my body and my inner voice coupled with some of the strategies I learned from Kim to create my practice.  I enjoy the entire process now—from initial thought to savasana!

-Carmen Olito 

Meet The Talented Team of Trainers

Kimberly Greeff

Lead Trainer

Kimberly Greeff, M.T., E-RYT-200 

Kimberly is a certified Yoga Tune Up® & Roll Model® Method instructor with a combination of 17 years of experience and thousands of hours teaching.  She has a committed investment in training and continuing education. The path of learning and growing brings a sustainable, integrated and embodied approach to yoga that emphasizes developing awareness physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Creator of Evolve Yoga, Kimberly brings an innovative, interdisciplinary approach that helps students foster an empowered and embodied experience. Through unique sequences designed to increase mobility, which is the combination of strength and flexibility, students who enjoy being challenged in unique and new ways are encouraged to discover the language of their inner landscape by tracking sensation and staying present through specific breath practices. In this way, students grow a deeper connection to themselves while expanding that connection into every aspect of their life. A believer in the bodies’ ability to heal, Kimberly’s teaching encourages body cognition and self-discovery, firmly grounded in anatomical awareness.

Choron Ryan


Choron Ryan, M.A., E-RYT-200 

Choron has found the yoga mat to be fertile ground for both physical and mental self-research and renewal. Outside of yoga, she teaches undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology and graduate-level Gross Anatomy classes.  As an anatomy enthusiast (to put it lightly) her all-levels approach to yoga is informed by functional movement patterns, musculoskeletal alignment, exercise and respiratory physiology, and accessible science. Choron recognizes that yoga is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and enjoys working with individuals to develop a personal approach to their ever-evolving practice.

Becky Michalski

Restorative Yoga

Becky Michalski 200 RYT

Becky discovered the physical practice of yoga over a decade ago.  Connecting instantly to the challenge of asana and the delight of a fast-paced, fun, flowing vinyasa class.  During her first teacher training in 2011, she was introduced to deeper practices of self-inquiry, pranayama, and meditation, which impacted her life in more ways than she could ever imagine.  Over the years, her yoga practice evolved from primarily a physical one to one that is more nurturing, contemplative, and restorative.  As a critical care nurse, Becky experienced first-hand the effects of injury, stress, and illness – all of which are profoundly traumatizing for the person, their families, and also their caretakers.  By slowing down and deepening her yoga practice, Becky discovered its powerful ability to heal and rejuvenate. It became an important part of a self-care ritual that allowed her to be more present and compassionate with herself and when she was caring for others.  Becky’s career as a nurse coupled with her passionate desire to share the healing benefits of yoga led her to a mentorship with Kim Greeff and a Restorative Yoga Training with Judith Lasater.  After gaining the skills and confidence to teach, she began sharing what she had learned with others in 2016.  After some deep reflection, Becky decided to leave her career as a nurse and set off down the path to deepen her studies of yoga and a more holistic approach to health and well-being.  In January 2018, Becky began an 800-hour training to become a Certified Yoga Therapist at the Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, CA.    Through this training, she has had the opportunity to study and learn from an exceptional variety of teachers, all incredibly gifted and knowledgeable in their approaches to yoga.  The most influential being Richard Miller, Nischala Joy Devi, Leslie Kaminoff, Durga Leela, Monique Lonner and Justine Shelton. Becky is very grateful for all her teachers and is passionate about sharing what she is learning with others.  It her belief that yoga is accessible to all, and she specializes in teaching therapeutic style classes that emphasize slowing down, connecting to the breath, and moving mindfully in a way that suits each unique individual. 

Dawn Adams Roll Model Method.JPG

The Roll Model Method 

Dawn Adams

Dawn has been practicing yoga since the mid-1990s.  She took her first class the at the Alameda Yoga Station in 1996 and has since studied under experienced teachers such as Sandy Blaine, JoAnn Lyons, and Donald Moyer.  Dawn graduated from Advanced Studies Program at the Yoga Room in Berkeley in 2009 and she continues to deepen her personal practice.  Yoga has become an integral part of her life, especially because of its nurturing and centering aspects.  Through practicing yoga, she has found that undoing is just as important as doing.  In her teaching, she hopes to instill a sense of adventure and exploration of yoga, with a focus on finding balance and joy through practice.  Most recently, Dawn found Yoga Tune Up and, fascinated by the functional approach to movement, completed the YTU Level 1 Certification.  She is excited to share her unique approach to practice.

Have questions about the program or wondering if it's right for you?

Well, hey there! Thank you for your inquiry. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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